Green Living from Green Ocean Co.

  • What does it mean to live 'sustainably'?

    What does it even mean to live 'sustainably'? I thought about this question a lot before starting Green Ocean Co. I used to think that living susta...
  • My Start to Living 'More' Sustainably

    What I've learned is that this whole 'living more sustainably' thing does not happen overnight, and I am good with that.
  • Stats behind the Why

    A few stats for you about single use plastics. Some you may already know, but hopefully some are new to you too. And maybe, just maybe, help you to consider an alternative option the next time you are offered a single use plastic :) 
  • Why Green Ocean Co?

    I am in no way living plastic free and am at the very start of my own low waste journey, but I want to share my personal progress and my family's story with you.